Letters to Our Future Selves

Dear 30 year old Sally,

I’m sure that by then you will have found the answers to many of these questions and probably have a new set of unanswered questions bogging your mind.

I hope that in the future you will keep a hold of these things that make you happy, and that you can be at peace with how your life is going while worrying less about what is to come.

By the time you’re 30,

It’s weird to try and dream of the ideal 30 year old life, while your actual 30 year old self has their own dreams and goals and escapist fantasies you could never have thought of.

We are one!

Dear 30 year-old Ming,

You did go to college right next door to your high school, so maybe you’ve seen more of the world? Or at least the country?

I’m sure a lot has changed, but also I hope the good things have remained constant. Your love of plants and reading. Maybe not this podcast, but definitely this friendship.

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